Posted by: lljkkennedy | March 30, 2010

Planning algorithm 95% finished

The last part to the HTN is finished – the planner can see what possible tasks are available in the current state, and knows how to break down complex tasks into smaller atomic operators.

That’s basically the planning stuff done. At this stage, all I need to do is actually implement it performing the actions which is just a list of functions calls as the tasks are decomposed.

To step through – If i choose the task moveStack, it will use the recursive move method to call the subtasks, in this case moveTopmostContainer and moveStack. First it calls moveTopmostContainer which is further decomposed into it’s component tasks which are primitive function calls. Once this is done, it callsmoveStack again but with one less container to move.

This keeps happening until there are no containers left on the first pile, upon which moveStack is no longer valid in the state – however, another task called doNothing would now be valid, and the task is completed.

This is visualized in the 2nd image.


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