Posted by: lljkkennedy | March 23, 2010

More Progress

After digging into the engine for a bit, and some questions to the Half Life Coders mailing list, I’m got my AI Agent successfully parsing all my FYP entities in the level and querying their states. Next step is to push all this data into the actual State class, where I can then query for operations to perform.

I’ll also have to start figuring out the engine calls for performing actions, or setting the Agent’s Condition (which is how Source control actions performed )  to the appropriate ones.

100% focus on the development at the moment, aiming to have it finished by 31st March, which then leaves me 2 weeks testing and making the test level a bit more game-like. The writeup is coming strong, I’ve added a few more sections that I’d like to put in to flesh out the Automated Planning sections, and have the Implementation Chapter up to date as of before I started the Half Life coding.

Just need to focus for the next few weeks.


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